Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie,  arrived on December 1, 2013 straight from the North Pole ( a.k.a. Deseret  Book).
Next he hid in the silverware drawer, and he hid ten butter knifes.
The next day he made sure we would " Be Good" by leaving us a message

Then he did graffiti on our mirror.

The next day Elfie went sledding on a gram cracker & candy cane sled. Brrrrrrr!!!

Then he got got trapped in a jar.

Next he got stuck inside the candy bag. Apparently he has a sweet tooth.

After the candy episode he decided to hide in the tissue box and take out all the tissues.

Then Elfie drew on our eggs!  He shouldn't be allowed to have a marker!

Next Elfie hopped into the dump truck and brought a load of treats to the kids!

After he drove the dump truck Elfie wanted a smore!

Then Elfie decided to try to get into our house!

After Elfie got into the house he decided to bring the kids a present and color a picture for us!

Elfie brought  the kids some puzzles to do.

Elfie got into the whip cream!

More from Elfie coming soon!:)