Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hot Chocolate Bar

Recently we went to a wedding with a hot chocolate bar.  So for my little sisters class Christmas party we recreated it.  Then for our family Christmas party we made it again.  We had various items from Andes mints, caramel chips, whip cream, and everything in between.  We also had cookies and some popcorn.  It turned out to be a huge hit.

Owl Valentines Box

For Valentines Day my sister wanted a cute Valentines box so we made her a super cute owl.  We just covered it in brown packing paper and then cut out circles and other various shapes to make the features on the owl.  Hope you like it! :)

Fairy Cake

I made such a cute cake for Kami! Hope she loved it!  The cake turned out great, it even had pixie dust!

Region Champs!

So proud of my older bros they did amazing this season.  Congrats to Caden to be one of the first Freshman to ever make varsity under Coach Shurtliff!  Justin you are such an amazing example and such an awesome player!  I had so much fun going to all of your games and dressing up! Hope that we can keep the winning streak going and take state!

Awesome Cake for Hunters

For my dad's birthday I decided to make him a really awesome cake.  My family is way into hunting so for his birthday I made him a camouflage, Browning cake with chocolate deer antlers.  The cake looked super awesome, but it tasted really yummy! I made strawberry cake with vanilla pudding filling and fresh strawberries.  It was super delicious!  

Like I said my family is way into hunting so when I made the chocolate antlers I had to make them three different times! My brother kept chastising me about how they looked like reindeer antlers, so he drew me a picture of what they were supposed to look like and I tried to duplicate it and lets just say that my brother is not the best artist!  So finally I printed out pictures of antlers and made the antlers pretty good, but my brother said that they looked like White Tail  Deer antlers instead of Mule Deer, but I decided they were good enough. After the antler ordeal everybody said the cake was yummy and delicious so it was all worth it.