Thursday, February 27, 2014

Awesome Cake for Hunters

For my dad's birthday I decided to make him a really awesome cake.  My family is way into hunting so for his birthday I made him a camouflage, Browning cake with chocolate deer antlers.  The cake looked super awesome, but it tasted really yummy! I made strawberry cake with vanilla pudding filling and fresh strawberries.  It was super delicious!  

Like I said my family is way into hunting so when I made the chocolate antlers I had to make them three different times! My brother kept chastising me about how they looked like reindeer antlers, so he drew me a picture of what they were supposed to look like and I tried to duplicate it and lets just say that my brother is not the best artist!  So finally I printed out pictures of antlers and made the antlers pretty good, but my brother said that they looked like White Tail  Deer antlers instead of Mule Deer, but I decided they were good enough. After the antler ordeal everybody said the cake was yummy and delicious so it was all worth it.