Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Cont.

Day  7
Today Elfie gave the kids a new copy of the movie "Elf" and pigged out on candy covered spaghetti, but he did eat a very balanced diet of the 4 main elf food groups.


Day 6
The kids were naughty again! No Elfie mischief today!

Day 5
Elfie couldn't move today because he lost his magic because the kids were being naughty!:(

Day 4
I think this is the best Elf on the Shelf activity yet. It was so fun, the kids went down stairs where Elfie was blasting "The Final Countdown", while his closest stuffed friends raced to a wrapping paper finish line, to win the coveted candy cane trophy, while Mr. Moose did a play by play of the whole event.  Elfie also gave the kids some pillowcases to give them a shot at the Annual Elf on the Shelf Sack Race title.  The kids thought this was the best activity yet because it was fun for them.  The best Elf on the Shelf  acts of mischief are the ones kids get to participate in.

This trophy was so easy to make. Just a jewelry box with a cheap cup glued to it with a ribbon and some candy cane handles!

Day 3
Today Elfie decided to steal my phone and take some Elfie Selfies around the house.  Hope you like them!

Day 2
 On the 2nd day of Elf on the Shelf, Elfie, decided to zip line across our messy basement, as you can see, and give the kids a message to remember to clean it up to be on the nice list.  He also gave them some cute aprons to help them remember to clean up.  Hope you like Elfie's adventure at the toy avalanche zip line!


Day 1
Elf on the shelf decided to show up on the 8th of December so we went with the 8 theme.  It would be really cute to make 8's out of doughnuts to go with this one, but we could not find any doughnuts anywhere! Hope you like this gr8 elf on the shelf post!

(Sorry for the low quality!)