Friday, June 19, 2015

Flag Day Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my little sister, Addie who was born on flag day.   Since June 14th, 2005 flag day has been kind of a BIG deal at our house.  Well this year we have been super busy so, we lost track of time, and on June, 13th we were like ," Oh ya, it's Addie's Birthday tomorrow!"  I have no idea how we forgot, she had only been dropping *subtle*  hints about her birthday coming up soon for the past 6 months.  So anyway this cake turned out pretty cute considering we threw it together overnight.
This cake is made of red, white, and blue tiers, with strawberry cream filling.  It was so delicious!  As for the stuff on the top, apparently at our house we have an abundance of patriotic sprinkles, and other random 4th of July-ish items.  We pulled the firecracker candles, stars, and flag toothpicks out of our cupboard, and slapped those puppies on.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Secret Sister Gifts- 2015

For Girls Camp this year all of my secret sister gifts were color themed, and of course all of them included food! Hope you enjoy!

This Secret Sister Gift included:
A pink water bottle
pink flipflops
pink nail polish
strawberry chap stick
bubble gum
a super cute flower magnet (of course pink!)
 Starburst Fave Reds

I filled the water bottle with the starburst, chap stick, nail polish, and magnet.  I tied the flipflops with some cute pink bakers twine to the water bottle, taped the gum on the front, and finished it off with a cute tag!

 This gift included:
Peach Rings
Reeses Pieces
Gold Fish Crackers
old fashioned orange stick candy
Orange Cream Delights gum
Orange Power Aide

For this gift I took all my orange items and put them in this super cute box, and slapped a bow and a tag on, along with a power aide tied with a bow.  For this gift you can use anything orange.  It would be much cuter instead of a Power Aid to use Orange Soda, but Power Aide was all I could find!

This gift included:
a yellow bubble wand
Starburst gum
Swedish Fish
Lemon heads
A GIANT Charleston Chew
A yellow Power Aide
A book of quotes on sunshine

In my three years of Girls Camp, the box of sunshine, is my favorite gift!  This gift would have been cuter if I had used lemonade instead of Power Aide, but I couldn't find any lemonade. Plus Power Aide was on sale that week so it worked out.  Like the orange gift anything yellow would work!  for the book of quotes, I fired up Pinterest and found some super cute printable sunshine quotes, as well as the box of sunshine tag and hello sunshine tag. 

I hope you liked these gifts, and that you are inspired to make your Secret Sister Gifts! :)